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I am Susie Legg, and Refined Writing is my freelance writing business. I provide professional copywriting and editing services that can help you to connect effectively with your target audience. I am skilled in understanding clients’ specific requirements and converting them into clear and engaging text.

Good writing is simple, accurate and informative. I will get straight to the point with persuasive text that your audience can understand and act on the first time they read it.

My crystal clear copy will be a powerful tool in helping you to gain competitive advantage. By using my services, your written materials will benefit from:

  • well written text that contains no distractions, so your message will be clear, direct and memorable
  • a lively and engaging tone that keeps your readers interested in what you have to say, so they are able to absorb more information.

I can add value to all your written projects, while you save resources and avoid writer’s block. Whatever your message is, I will help you to communicate it with the minimum of hassle.

Get in touch with me today to discuss your particular requirements, and I’ll come up with some bright ideas and razor-sharp text.


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